Autumn Combination Ideas – Koton Blog 2020

Recently, the autumn season began to show itself more with cool breezes. Between the occasional rains, the autumn breezes began to show in daily combinations. We have prepared a few autumn-inspired combinations that you can try on your way to school, work or out in the evening.


Natural Textured Combination

This fall combined with natural texture-looking components to achieve minimal elegance comes to the fore. Combined with natural shades, the combined elegance reflects effortless elegance. Combinations that can be used on working days, at school or when going out, seem to capture autumn with their handy elegance.

Full Beige

This season adds a naive look to the bohemian and chic-looking designs, which are often beige. Completely beige, the combination offers both the nostalgic atmosphere of autumn and the unpretentious elegance of the season.

Cardigan, Sweater and Skirt Trio

Ecru, which is popular in the season, is the perfect choice for those who want to reflect the 2019 autumn trends in style.

Stylish Teams Indispensable for Business Days

As we mentioned in our previous season trends article, plaid is taking the top place again and again in this season. Plaids, which took over the whole of the fashion world from British fashion, are indispensable especially for casual – smart combinations this season. Workers who want to be both stylish, comfortable, and formal, plaid skirt-jacket suits are preferred.

Black Jean Combination

Another indispensable part of the wardrobe, which is the savior of all seasons, is the perfect combination of jean jackets with jeans jackets which are indispensable for the season passes. This season, the dominance of black stands out in jean jackets that provide protection against cool breezes outside. While it provides a casual and effortless look, it is also complementary to the jeans jacket duo which offers a stylish and attractive style, of course, basic t-shirts.

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