Autumn / Winter Makeup Trends 2018-2019 – Koton Blog 2020

The makeup trends of the autumn season this season, attention, striking and exaggerated way. Autumn makeup, which will be dominated by naturalness, enters a period in which freckles appear, cheeks appear al and lashes are in natural tones. The most remarkable point in makeup will be dominated by lipsticks in nude tones on the lips.

Distinctive contours and highlighter effects will be replaced by vague, natural-looking contour applications. This season will reveal the eyes of the makeup trends that will dominate the natural and make-up appearance.

Bronzes and highlighter in the summer we have revealed with cheeks in the autumn highlighter with tiny touches appear to appear with blush. Without closing the freckles on the face, it will be used frequently to reveal the cheekbones with just a little blush on the cheeks that give up the feeling that there is no makeup. Blush shades of red, pink or orange, striking colors such as peach color and soft pink will take place as natural colors.

Red Carpet Fashion

The red carpet has already begun to emerge and is actually popular in the 2000s and the blue headlights that come back will seize this autumn. The long-shot eyeliner trend called the cat's eye will be another 2000s make-up model that makes it back this season. Cat eye eyeliner makeup will be your choice for those who want to make a characteristic makeup.

Silver and gold headlamps applied to eye fountains are another makeup trend you can use to reveal the eyes. Your eyes will get a natural glow with this little makeup trend that will add a mystical and charming look.

Break in Tweezers

Eyebrows will be dominated by a full and thick look that has been going on for a year, but it will come out of forced molds. Shaping with eyebrow pencils will be reduced; naturalness will be at the forefront rather than prominence.

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