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The most important point after the wedding dress and hair on the wedding day, which is one of the most beautiful days of the brides: MAKEUP! This is a complement to your special day make-up for your advice we have some recommendations. A few steps before the make-up will increase the permanence of your makeup will provide a more beautiful image.

A square from this year's most talked-up wedding. Prince Harry of England and American actress Meghan Markle

Tonic & Moisturizer

Our skin is like home. We need to make necessary repairs to protect it from external influences. The tonic purifies the skin from fat, balances the skin's Ph and reduces pores and protects it from external influences. Moisturizer prevents the skin from drying out and protects the skin from external factors and provides a more vivid appearance.


The most effective product in creating make-up will be the base. If you want to get a more productive result in your makeup, the use of base will provide permanence.

Now you're ready to get started!

You can start your makeup by applying a fine foundation to your skin tone. At the point where you think that foundation is not effective, your regional concealer application will make the result more efficient.

We'il have a little lead! Recently, there are many questions as to whether the foundation should be applied with a brush or a sponge. If the foundation is dense, we recommend using a sponge. However, if the foundation is fine, you can use a brush. Because the use of fine-grained foundation, because the sponge draws into the foundation will reduce the yield you will get more thinning product.

A light smoky eye makeup, which you prefer in earth tones, will provide the magical effect you expect with mascara.

Now In The Eyes

On this special day, all eyes will be on you and the way to create a fascinating effect with your gaze is through eye makeup. And you don't need glitter and glamorous tones for that. A light smoky eye makeup, which you prefer in earth tones, will provide the magical effect you expect with mascara.

Natural Touch to Lips

For the lips that are as important as the eyes, you can still choose lipsticks in natural pink tones. If you wish, you can also create a slight glow with lip gloss, because this year many bride's makeup preferences have these light glitters.

Last Touches

Finally, you can finish your makeup by applying a pink blush to your cheeks with a slight clarity that suits your skin. You can also apply stabilizer sprays on your face to ensure that your makeup stays on all night.

You will dazzle your guests with the natural sparkle you get!

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