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With the arrival of autumn, earth tones began to surround us. But you don't need to keep the earth tones on a nude scale. If you want to use the colors of freedom, glitter and some more assertive colors in your makeup, this article is for you. Brown, black, red and cinnamon shades you can do using the makeup styles and tricks are waiting for you.

Gold and Brown

You can add sparkle with golden shades to your smoky brown eye make-up. You can make your make-up more prominent with golden-colored headlight touches that you will apply to your eye springs and lightly under your eyes. If you don't have a golden headlight, you can also use your powder high lighter. Among those who like to use their golden tones in their makeup are foreign celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and Beyonce.

Smoky Brown

Move the autumn air to your makeup by making smoky makeup with brown tones. Add sparkle to the eye area and fountains with your light tone. Highlight your eyelid with a light brown tone. Then, with your dark brown eyelashes, make light touches under the eyelashes.

Energy of Copper Shades

The shades of copper that will add warmth to your face are among the most preferred colors this fall. Copper shades that will reveal your eyes and capture natural glitter will capture the makeup trends with autumn energy.

Use Red Tones in Eyes

Make your eyes a base with a red-brown shade. Make some of your eyelids up to the fold or eyebrow bone. Then make a red headlight with smoky touches under and over the eyelashes. Here, the trick is to give smoky air with sharp touches from sharp lines.

Classic Fit: Black and Brown

If you want to catch a classic harmony and make a simple makeover, you can make light touches with light brown headlight by highlighting your lashes on the eyelid with black pencil which is among the trends again this season.

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