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It is always our preference to look stylish when we are at home, just like we want to look stylish outside. However, it is important to us that our elegance at home is provided with comfortable combinations. In these days when we need to stay at home and not go out unless we have to, we offer beautiful combination suggestions from Koton to look comfortable and stylish. Then, if you are ready, let's start reading our #Home Inspirational Inspiration ..

It's Home Office Time

Many employees have to work from home and continue their work from home during these difficult days. It is important that you look stylish when you need to attend meetings from home. When choosing stylish pieces for your video meetings, you can relax without changing the pajamas underneath.

Then let's look at the pieces we have chosen for you from the #EvdeKal Inspiration Collection.

Enjoy Sports At Home

In this process, doing sports at home can be a very good alternative in order not to disrupt our sports routine and protect our health. While we are at home, it would be great to choose healthy and immune foods without giving ourselves too much unhealthy food. We can both keep our time and keep our body fit with the sports movements we have determined for ourselves. For those who love yoga and meditation, these days are an inevitable opportunity for us at home.

Stylish Pajamas from each other

This suit, consisting of shorts and shirt-looking pajamas, welcomes us with an extremely cute and stylish look. While the lip patterns on it add extra elegance to the pajama set, the formation of shorts and shirt sets makes it an extremely comfortable combination. This pajama set, which looks very stylish with its pattern and color, will suit your home elegance.

Mickey Mouse Lovers

We did not want to skip our pajama set model that Mickey lovers will love. This pajama set, consisting of extremely comfortable shorts and t-shirt combination, will win the likes of mickey lovers. In our opinion, the t-shirt in this pajama set can also be used with jean shorts or trousers in your daily life 🙂

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