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These days we struggle with the Covid-19 outbreak, we have to wash and disinfect our hands frequently. Our hands, which have to be exposed to soap and disinfectant a lot, naturally dry up too much. We wanted to offer natural solutions to dry hands as we are obliged to do this for our health and hygiene.

Olive Oil and Sugar Mixture

Actually, this is a mixture that many of you know. Olive oil is a natural method that will help your dry skin to heal with its antioxidant and natural fatty acid feature. At the same time, olive oil is used on dry hair, helping to make the hair look brighter. Sugar, on the other hand, helps to purify the dead skin by exfoliating. This mixture, which you can easily prepare at home, is an extremely effective and easy method for your dry hands.


Honey is a food frequently used in skin masks. It has numerous benefits for the skin. Some of these are cleansing the skin from dead cells, moisturizing and rejuvenating, making the skin look shiny. You can create different mixes with honey. Olive oil, honey, egg mix can be examples. Thus, you can benefit from these three excellent foods at once.


Banana, which is one of the most popular among fruits, has numerous benefits for the skin. Thanks to the vitamin A it contains, it helps to quickly repair your dried, dull skin. In addition, banana, which is an abundant source of vitamin C, speeds up collagen production. After crushing a ripe banana in a bowl, you can feed it on your skin and thus help repair your dry skin.

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