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One of the most observed problems in winter is the dryness of the skin and even the exfoliation of the skin, especially in people with dry skin. As we change many of our habits during the winter months, we need to make minor changes in our skin care habits. For this, we will address a few points that we need to pay attention to and change our habits. Then let's take a look at the article we prepared for you together.

Drink plenty of water

We all know the importance of drinking water and the first step for a beautiful skin is to drink plenty of water. Drinking water has many benefits and one of the biggest benefits is that it moisturizes our skin. Dehydrated skin dries and has a bad appearance. In addition, drinking water is another benefit to the skin to reduce wrinkles because a dry skin makes the skin lines appear much deeper.

Protect your skin from winter cold with moisturizing creams

It may be necessary to use moisturizing supplements for extra dry skin in the winter due to the cold weather. The most accessible and easiest of these are moisturizing creams. Especially after showering, you should moisten your whole body with a nice body moisturizer. In addition, one of the most dry regions in the winter is the lips. To moisturize your lips, you can also use lip moisturizers, lip balms with intense moisturizing properties. If your lips are getting a bad appearance by drying, you can easily get rid of the dead skins on your lips with sugar peels that you can easily prepare at home.

Change Your Makeup Habits

Especially if you have dry skin, we recommend you to say goodbye to the matte foundation you use in summer. Matte foundation makes your already dry skin look much more dry. One of our advice before making your makeup moisturizing your skin with plenty of moisturizing cream to prepare a more smooth floor. Thus makeup will have a more beautiful appearance on your skin.

Watch Your Shower Habits

Washing with too hot water will adversely affect the lipid layer on the skin. The lipid layer is a fatty acid that is used to retain moisture in the body. It is necessary to take care not to take a shower with very hot water in the winter as the negative effect of the lipid layer will cause the skin to dry.

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