Season Sweater Season – Koton Blog 2020

As the weather slowly begins to cool down, knitwear is preparing to take its place in the wardrobes. We have compiled our ideas about how you can use knitwear with different colors and patterns carefully prepared by Koton designers in this article for you. If you are ready then, let's look at the latest knitwear trends of the season together.

Must-Have White Knitwear

The white color, which can easily be combined in any combination, is often the savior part of our combi boilers. Different models of knitwear sweater models that appeal to all styles are among the trends of this season. The most prominent trend of recent times is the combination of white and white combined. White combinations from top to bottom ensure a very elegant and clear look. Another trend that has been noticed recently is open-shoulder sweaters. With open shoulder sweaters you can create extremely cool and stylish combinations. You can complete your style by choosing the most appropriate knitwear sweater model and you can catch the elegance in the easiest way.

Knitwear Fashion

Even though the season has not yet come to winter yet, the weather is getting cold and the minds go to soft-necked sweaters. Turtleneck sweater can be easily combined with trousers or skirts. Throat knitwear is the perfect combination for both heat and elegance!

Striped Patterns

Striped pattern is one of the patterns that never end fashion and always have one in every woman's wardrobe. Striped patterns in different colors and models are very good for knitwear. Like every season, this season also fashioned striped knitwear. Striped tricot sweaters and stylish autumn-winter combinations are available to suit any style, whether in color or black and white.

Season Sweater Season: Cardigans

As soon as the autumn shows, we can immediately remove the cardigans from the wardrobes. Knitwear cardigans are an indispensable part of the combi boilers both in summer and in cool weather in autumn. In this season, fashionable knitwear that can answer every style. Knitwear cardigans with dresses and skirts or pants can be combined with an extremely stylish appearance.

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