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If you are looking for a new perfume for yourself or if you want to buy a gift for someone you love, you should take a look at this article. Get ready to discover Koton’s original perfumes that contain many different notes from flower scents to woody scents with this article that will help you find the perfume that will reflect your energy. To decide the perfume scent that will reflect your character and personality, our first advice is to decide which floral, sweet or spicy scents you like. In addition to containing many different essences, Koton perfumes appeal to different tastes with their special scents on top notes.

What are sheet music in perfume? What should be considered when making a choice?

We would like to talk about the top and bottom notes of perfume fragrances before moving on to our perfume list. Perfume consists of three notes These are called lower notes, middle notes and upper notes. The top notes of perfumes are the name given to the smells that are felt when they are squeezed and whose effect lasts for several minutes. This fragrance stage, also called the peak, contains fragrances that need to be taken into account when taking perfume, but the effect should be considered.

Middle notes are the name given to the smells that are felt after the smells that prevail in the top notes and which are felt for longer periods. Middle notes are the most important part of perfume preferences. The fragrances in this note should be taken into consideration when choosing perfumes because they remain and feel for a long time. The so-called base notes, also known as base notes, are fragrances that are deeply embedded in the perfume. These odors stay longer than the lower and middle notes and are felt throughout the day. Bottom notes scents that are as important as the middle notes and give the depth of the perfume should be considered in the choice of perfume.

Discover Your Favorite Women's Fragrances

A humble but sophisticated, simple yet luxurious fragrance. The fragrance, which starts with notes of citrus, is crowned with notes of hyacinth, ylang-ylang, orange flower and jasmine. This fresh and vibrant aspect of sandalwood and musk notes adds an elegant and rich finish to this fragrance.

Top Note: Citrus Middle Note: Hyacinth, Ylang-Ylang, Orange Flower, Jasmine Bottom Note: Sandalwood, Musk

Starting with the notes of pineapple, lily and hyacinth flower and fruit, continuing with jasmine and citrus and closing with strong and feminine notes of vanilla and musk, this perfume will attract you with its sweet romantic atmosphere.

Top Note: Pineapple, Lily, Hyacinth Middle Note: Jasmine, Citrus Bottom Note: Vanilla, Musk

Opening with notes of love flower, the perfume is crowned with the elegant harmony of violet, rose and peach flowers, and comes across with a different spring scent at every level.

Top Note: Bud Flower, Sage, Tangerine Middle Note: Violet, Rose, Peach Bottom Note: Musk, Sandalwood, Musk

A gorgeous bouquet of floral notes blended together. You will always want to carry this sophisticated bouquet of fresh flowers combined with notes of cedar wood, amber and vanilla.Top Note: Portocal Flower, Cumin Middle Note: Rose, Jasmine, Hyacinth Bottom Note: Cedar Wood, Amber, Vanilla

The perfume, which starts with the wonderful scent of passionflower flower, is composed of the middle notes of peony scent and the combination of pine tree scents.

Top Note: Passionflower Middle Note: Peony Bottom Note: Pine tree

A perfect perfume that transforms women into flowers with its loving touch, Touch of Love, Top notes starting with Bergamot, Middle notes of Jasmine, Orange Flower, Sentifonilia rose, Orchid, Freesia, Bottom notes with Musk and Patchouli.

Top Note: Bergamot Middle Note: Jasmine, Orange Flower, Sentifonilia Rose, Orchid, Freesia Bottom Note: Musk, Patchouli

This fragrance, which is opened with simple, attractive and sensual floral notes, blends with the delicate woody scents of sandalwood and cedar, this perfume is remembered with its strong finish.

Top Note: Jasmine Middle Note: Sandalwood, Cedar Wood Bottom Note: Amber, Musk

Top notes with grapefruit & apricot vanilla, lily and jasmine perfume, bottom notes of sandalwood & sun flower Combining the elegance of jasmine and magnolia with the oriental aroma of cinnamon, vanilla and ginger, the Jasmine series will put an end to your quest for sophisticated scent.

Top Note: Grapefruit, Apricot Middle Note: Vanilla, Lily, Jasmine Bottom Note: Sandalwood, Sunflower

Discover Top Men's Fragrances

Top notes of grape, oak moss, apple, lemon, bergamot, pelargonium, cloves and cinnamon, bottom notes of olive, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla is the choice of self-confident, charismatic & timeless men. After a fresh, sharp opening, the perfume that stands out 2 steps with its spicy character in the middle notes, fluctuates timelessly and charismatically in eternity thanks to the warm and woody notes in its closing.

Top Note: Grape, Oak Moss, Apple, Lemon, Bergamot, Pelargonium Middle Note: Clove, Cinnamon Bottom Note: Sandalwood, Cedar, Vanilla

Limitist For Men; Opening with the glittering notes of bergamot, it opens the doors of a glorious and mysterious world with the luxurious spice notes of cinnamon, cloves and saffron. Blended with notes of violet, jasmine & leather scent Bottom notes leave a lasting impression with the deep scents of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli

Top Note: Cinnamon, Clove, Saffron Middle Note: Violet, Jasmine Bottom Note: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchoulin

The smell of men who prefer to be both stylish and sporty. Contains fresh notes of grapefruit, lemon & ginger; Discover the perfect combination of masculine cedar, vetiver and amber notes

Top Note: Grapefruit, Lemon Middle Note: Ginger, Mint Leaf Bottom Note: Cedar Wood, Musk, Amber, Vetiver

With its predominant wood character and intense green notes, Wood will be the choice of adventurous men. Top notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, pepper and rose and violet perfume, bottom notes of amber, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood Feel energetic and cool at any time with the fresh and impressive woody notes of Wood fragrance.

Top Note: Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit, Black Pepper Middle Note: Rose, Violet Bottom Note: Amber, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sandalwood

Beginning with citrus notes, middle notes with laurel leaf & jasmine You can have an impressive fragrance with Green Hunter Perfume which ends with amber, oak moss and patchouli.

Top Note: Citrus Middle Note: Laurel Leaf, Jasmine Bottom Note: Amber, Oak Moss, Patchouli

Both stylish and sporty .. Following an intense start with bergamot and spicy, notes of muscat and pink pepper give the perfume an unexpected direction. With the woody notes of the last notes, this perfume will be indispensable.

Top Note: Bergamont, Grapefruit, Spices Middle Note: Muscat, Rose, Patchouli Bottom Note: Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

Bring the freshness and relaxing spirit of the sea to your skin with this perfume… In the top notes, which is dominated by citrus fruits; middle notes with soothing scent of jasmine, lavender, orange blossom & sage; with the perfume that makes the end with vanilla, sandalwood and cedarwood essences You can have an impressive smell.

Top Note: Citrus Middle Note: Jasmine, Lavender, Orange Flower, Sage Bottom Note: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar Wood

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